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Morkkabeans 1:1

Jewish history and mythology mixed with the brutality of Mork Borg in Zine form!

Beyond Deep


Beyond Deep is a detailed adventure zine for the tabletop role-playing game MÖRK BORG. It leads players deep into corrupted mines to encounter underground horrors and abnormal mysteries. The mines are surrounded and supported by a secluded mining town filled with people ground down by the exploitation of the mining company, and living treacherous lives […]


BÖESER – A Mörk Borg zine

Children keep disappearing in the forest. But no one dares to visit the abandoned ruin, which juts out of a clearing like a rotten tooth. Whoever crosses the threshold is confronted with a force that scares even the Inquisition. Everything is alive. The child thief Tergol has taken up residence here, and his experiments of […]

Derelict’s Diary

Pre-generated chaRacters for yoUr Mork Borg games! It includes random tables, enhanCements, and 30 pre-generated doOmed souls to get you up and running quickly!

Time Scape

An terminator adaptation for CY_Borg

The Cross Stitch


The Cross Stitch is a folk-horror-laced timeloop adventure for MÖRK BORG. It's also a 40-page illustrated digital zine that, with your support, can emerge into the physical world to wreak havoc. From September 1st through October 1st, all digital sales of The Cross Stitch will go toward preparing it for print, including professional editing, new […]


Whispers of the Dead Saint, A Mork Borg Novella


The first sanctioned Mork Borg Novel, a Kickstarter Exclusive Hardback. Includes a cover by Johan Nohr, Internal art from Simone Tammetta, Foreword by Pelle Nilsson, and a Character Class, and weapon exclusive to the book!

30 Days of MÖRK BORG Adventure Chapbook Vol 4 PRE-ORDER

Self Hosted

PRE-ORDER VOLUME 4! SHIPPING EARLY 2023! Something is rotten in Göthewig. Established three generations ago by tax scofflaws from Schleswig, this mercantile utopia teeters on ruin, all former glory reduced to a thin veneer over unseen sickness. The marshes—tamed into a system of canals by the founders—have begun to reclaim what was theirs as an […]

FÖRK BORG: A Feast and Famine Book compatible with MÖRK BORG


FÖRK BORG is 40+ pages, fully compatible MÖRK BORG book that will provide you with many "food and famine" related flavors and options for your games. Inside you will find various foods, psalms of famine, items, classes, monsters, adventures and more.

Vast Grimm Into Oblivion


Splatterpunk adventures & expanded rules in a dying universe. For the infectious sci-fi horror RPG based on Mörk Borg.

Odyssey – Black Tales RPG


Odyssey - Black Tales is a rule-light tabletop RPG for 1, 2 or more players compatible with Mork Borg. You will be part of the Ulysses' crew, the greatest liar in history, and militate in his small army of marauders. Will you participate in the pillaging of the Mediterranean or will you try to protect […]

Farewell to Arms REDUX


The war to end all wars, in the dying lands of MÖRK BORG. 120+ pages of hardcover total war. 4 faction campaign books. A new map...

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